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Категория ролика: Игры ПС

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Теги: street, kombat, fighter, fight, combat


2Seksen is the Turkish fighting game! Its not intented to be a serious game. Playing is fun, funny and addictive. The characters are all anti-heros that you can find on a regular Turkish day. In this demo mode you can either select a Turkish Taxi Driver or a Football Fan (some might say a hooligan), and fight against him. Each character has their own "Home Field" and has a rich background with animated supporters. The musics are quite catchy adding ambiance and quality to the game. So we see no reason not to enjoy this game.. :) Since Turkey is an Eastern Mediterranean Country, we are sure that players from countries with similar culture might see that the game is even "local" for them. So lets see how Turkish you are! :) Have Fun


    The game has 2 characters that you can select at the beginning. You can either play Single Player mode or 2 Player mode. To play is extremely simple every game consists of 2 or 3 rounds. To defeat your opponent you need to beat him/her in 2 rounds so that you can pass to the next level.

    Control Scheme:

    • A: Player 1 - Hit Button 1
    • Arrow Keys: Player 1 - Movement
    • D: Player 1 - Hit Button 3
    • Home: Player 2 - Hit Button 2
    • Insert: Player 2 - Hit Button 1
    • Numpad 4,5,6,8: Player 2 - Movement
    • Page Up: Player 2 - Hit Button 3
    • S: Player 1 - Hit Button 2
    • fire: a
    • movement: arrow

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